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Our services include body composition, endurance, strength and speed testing as well as personal training and endurance coaching. Our customers range from beginners to individual athletes and from corporate groups to professional teams. 

Sport coaching and fitness testing using research based methods

About us

Valmennus- ja Testauskeskus Kauppi (Sport Coaching and Fitness Testing Center Kauppi) offers high-quality fitness testing, sport coaching and personal training services by highly educated staff (Masters of Sport Sciences). We operate at Kauppi Sports Center where we have at our disposal a modern exercise testing lab and a spacious and well-equipped gym. Furthermore our location next to Kauppi sport park is ideal for coaching outdoors activities such as running and cross-country skiing. 

We can provide you specific and accurate information about your physical performance and offer coaching that is based on scientific research. 

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Kauppi Sports Center 1st floor

Summer opening hours

Mon - Fri  9am til 7pm


Kauppi Sports Coaching Oy

VAT number: FI28553723

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